My Resume

ATS Minimal Formatting

Short: Two-page look at what I have been up to the last ten years and other pertinent information.

Short+: Two-page synopsis of my work history with detailed information about the past ten years only.

Complete: Four-page detailed account of my work history.

Microsoft Word Formatted

Short: One-page formatted resume of the last ten years.

Quick: One-page formatted synopsis resume.

Job Specific

It appears the job market is crowded and I have had to "up my game" in the resume creativity department. I have created a number of these custom resumes and have yet to get a response. Either I am not getting my resume in the right hands or I am just not as talented as I believe. Whatever the case, I hope they will showcase my dedication, creativity, and initiative.

Marketing Director: Construction Blueprint or Construction B&W

AdWords Manager: Skateboard

Executive Director: Pet Charity

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